Brien R. Sörne, Agency Director

Brien has a broad range of marketing skills and is most recognized for his ability to advance our client’s objectives by utilizing the individual advantages of a given advertising medium. He has often said, “All advertising media work in some way, but they do not all work the same way”.

Social media, content development, promotional planning, digital advertising, mass media management, and data analysis and reporting skills are all part of Brien’s contribution to the success of our clients. Brien is also the host of Tallahassee Talks with Brien Sorne, a radio talk show now in its 12th season. As a guest speaker, he has covered a number of topics including the proper use of social media, successful branding and media relations, and targeted marketing.

Brien R. Sörne

Brien began his career in marketing and advertising in 1978.

He has worked in broadcast and sales management, for national and local companies. In 1992, Brien established ALCOM Marketing, serving as its president and CEO.

Brien has provided numerous seminars, workshops, and training classes for industry professionals and business owners over the last 32 years. His approach demonstrates the usefulness of an integrated approach to marketing and provides insight into the ways in which media can be used to their respective advantage.

Today, ALCOM Corporation of Florida provides marketing management, public relations, audio and video production, graphic and web design, and communications services through its four subsidiary companies: Capstan Marketing, Behalla Communications, Mossa Design Group, and Spatterwork Media & Entertainment. The company owns and operates Moose Magnificat Radio, Tallahassee Family Magazine, and the radio talk show Tallahassee Talks with Brien Sorne Radio.