Our Team

We know about friendship.

For us, being your friend means we stay dedicated to your success. We respond quickly to your requests for help and you can depend on us to remain loyal.
We give you this kind of consistent, professional, guidance and remain ready to help you achieve success through ups and downs. You can trust us and expect us to know what you want for your business.

Our management and creative teams have over 175 years of combined experience in mass media and social media marketing, web-based digital advertising, media buying, account management, destination marketing, and brand development. As a Florida corporation, Capstan Marketing has expanded its service offerings by creating and publishing the Florida Print Association award-winning Tallahassee Family Magazine. We also offer a full array of communication solutions like telephone audio solutions, email marketing, graphic and web design, audio production, and video production. We produce and distribute radio broadcasts and podcasts that offer our clients greater reach and effectiveness in connecting with targeted audiences.

A friend listens to you. A friend helps you achieve your goals. A friend is someone who connects you with the right people and helps you find the right solutions because they are dedicated to your success.

We have won a number of local and national awards for graphic design, layout, advertising campaigns, radio and TV production, and print production. We created and operate Moose Magnificat streaming radio, an online radio station that celebrates Tallahassee’s unique music community with a music format we call The Sound of Tallahassee. It features all local musicians playing their original songs and includes local talk shows and conversations with local artists. In short, this is an organization that is big on Tallahassee and has determined to advance Tallahassee’s rightful place as one of the top cities in America.