Our Mission

Capstan is a full-service advertising agency, marketing consultation, and public relations firm. We provide account management, media placement, social media management, digital advertising, earned media creation, and web development.

The term marketing is applied by professionals and consumers in different ways to describe an array of promotional activities. The core idea amounts to the matter of moving people toward your idea, your service, or your product emotionally, intellectually and behaviorally. We develop your marketing plan, place your advertising, develop your web presence and drive your sales all within an integrated strategy.

All advertising media work in some way to achieve a given objective. But, they do not all work in the same way. The medium you choose will influence your message dramatically and unless your creative team respects that fact, you will end up with useless presentation that wastes time and money. Our team of audio, video, web, and graphic designers bring decades of award-winning experience to your projects.